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Explore the art, if there is such a thing, of sports trading on the exchanges through these videos. Hopefully you'll pick up some tips along the way to help you on your journey to mastering the exchanges.

Not all the things you'll find here work. Not all the videos represent strategies that are still used. However, the aim is to show you things that get you thinking about your own strategies and methodologies; to encourage you to experiment in order to find the things that work for you.

Good luck on your travels.

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Horse Racing

Dutch Trading Options In-Running Scalping - Repeat On Success In-Running Scalping 19th July 2014 In-Running Scalping - How Not To Do It Resources For Developing Horseracing Betting Strategies Dutch trade to give free bet on outsider A selection of races where a dutch is traded out in-running Variation of in-running scalping technique Explanation of in-running scalping technique Oppose the favourite for an easy trade in a small field Take profit when it is available How to protect a Dutch from going bad The Importance Of Sticking To A Plan In-running Scalping Of Sthl 12:50 22nd Jan 2014 In-running Scalping Over A Number Of Races Horserace Dutching Technique Using Fairbot Dutching All Runners Using Fairbot

Greyhound Racing

Demonstration Of Selecting Picks For Greyhound Race Resources For Developing Greyhound Betting Strategies

Bet Matching

Bet365 Rolling Free-Bet Matching Spreadsheet Parts 1-3