Rugby Union Trading

It's been a while since I posted. Indeed it's been a while since I did any trading. I think it is about time I got back on the horse as it were...

Last Autumn when the Rugby Union World Cup was on I spent as much time as I could trading the markets - or learning to trade the markets I should say. I was immediately taken with the trading opportunities available.

With the Six Nations kicking off yesterday I took the opportunity to get involved again and I'm delighted to say things went very well indeed - as the two images below indicate. Unfortunately I missed the Ireland v Wales game this afternoon.

If yesterday's performance is anything to go by I'll be getting involved in as many games as I can in the future. It is a shame that liquidity in the weekend club matches is nowhere near what it is in the Six Nations or the World Cup. Still, it is useful having another string to one's bow.

France v Italy Six Nations

Scotland v England Six Nations

Lay Of The Day - Dec 2015
After six months the Lay Of The Day trial comes to a close.

I'm delighted to finish with a profit of 36pts which was only spoilt by a rather disastrous week at the tail end of November which saw the quick loss of some 20pts.

That blip aside progress was steady throughout the trial and I see no reason why it wouldn't continue to be over the longer term.

The exercise threw up a couple of interesting observations that need further investigation:

1. A significant number of the selections drifted in the time between them being announced on Twitter and the scheduled off time opening the door for the possibility of trading them pre-off.

2. The vast majority of the selections shortened in-running from their BSP giving the possibility of either a back-to-lay in-running trade or simply laying them in-running at a slightly lower price instead of taking BSP.

I'll be continuing my investigations into those two possibilities as I keep the lay of the day going.

With the public trial at an end it only remains for me to thank you for following and posting comments and feedback.

Home Lay Value Picks - 4th-7th Dec 2015


Lay the home team if 1.90 or below just before KO.

Lay Of The Day - Nov 2015

Lay Of The Day
What a great month and what a disaster at the end!

November continued a winning trend that started at the tail end of October yet finished with a losing week that resulted in an overall loss of some 2pts. Yet it looked like being so different.

A new record of 18 winning lays in a row was achieved. So that's a positive. So much so that I was beginning to entertain the idea of going through the whole month without hitting a winning lay. Unfortunately that was not to be, big time.

Having created a positive record during the month, a negative one was achieved as well. The last week has seen 4 failed selections from 6 placed resulting in a record draw down of 14.8pts. That's going to take a while to recover from.

Indeed, as I move into December, I can announce that this public trial will be brought to a close at the end of the year. That will be a few days over six months and more than enough time to assess its success. But I'm getting ahead of myself... There's four weeks of selections to go as I look to recover some of the losses that this past week has inflicted. I take comfort in the fact that the overall trend is still strongly pointing upwards.

As ever, you can follow the announcements on Twitter and you can review a spreadsheet of all selections and results by clicking on the image.